Simply put, life is a place where you use what you have learned to find what you are looking for.  Michael lives a simple life based upon some core concepts.  Life is not a struggle when you are in harmony with the world around you.

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June 26, 2017




Online Marketing or Local Marketing you need to interact with your Customers, MORE than just catching their attention!


A Social Media Action Plan is more than just throwing money at advertising. I remember seeing the Yellow Pages sales rep come in the door of the Internet Café. He announced that everyone would be able to find me. My major decision would be in which category to list my business.


So how often are there changes made to the yellow pages ad? Once a year, with some excitement at first, “what to include” “how much more information can we fit”, and a few other questions. Then with each passing year, it just kind of lays there waiting for somebody to flip to the page.


Nobody looks there anymore. Since your business does not have a tv or radio budget, how or why will anyone find your business services? They simply will NOT take the time, so they ask somebody.


Even online, you find the same behavior. If someone is looking for Services or Products to buy, they ask somebody. That recommendation or referral is the place to start and end the search that might come across your business.


On Facebook, where they ask first, the Customer starts their search with a quick post on their Wall. Going deeper, they post a question on a Group page. Some Friend or Group Member posts the referral or suggestion that includes the FB page of the business, a map of where they are AND everyone in the Group then makes a comment on the business or suggests another.


Will YOUR business be the one they refer? Will there be an easy label linking to all of the information they need to decide to buy your services/products?


PC HERE sets up a framework for a Social Media Action Plan that includes your branding:  logo, label, titles, colors, products and services. Steps include setting up Accounts in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (options include Pinterest, Instagram, etc…) and coordinating a plan to post related content and to engage your Customers about your products/services.


This is more than a place to post pictures and set up events. You can engaged Customers with comments and feedback. The information from THAT INTERACTION is how you build your business and fix the problems that can arise.


Sure, you can advertise, but the TRUE purpose of Social Media is to engage your Customers and keep their business with you. When the Customer has your attention, they will buy from you. Your appearance on Social Media gives your Business a FACE that is reachable.


Once you have made that connection, you can keep that contact with some simple, regular posts to engage your Customers. This is all without leaving where your business. PC HERE can do the posting or train your staff.


Get online today and sell directly to your Customers.

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